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#1 : 28/12-11 07:34
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Disclaimer: not sure if I should be posting here, or contacting by email.

AdvancedRenamer is one of my "must have" programs, and when I recently embarked on a photo organization project, I was thrilled to find that it supported renaming images by time and date taken. At least, I assumed it operated through the EXIF date information, it worked correctly, and that was what was important.

However, a couple days ago I checked for and downloaded the newest version, went to rename a few folders of images, and found that it was no longer reading the correct date. I don't know where it's getting the date information from now! It's certainly not "date picture taken", or even date created or modified.

I've spent several hours searching for alternatives, and haven't found anything that I like as well, so it'd be awesome if this was something that could be fixed! :)

Edit: I can provide screenshots if that would be helpful...

28/12-11 07:34
#2 : 28/12-11 11:30
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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An image file contains three different EXIF date/time tags. Date Taken, Date Digitized, and Date Original. In my experience, there is several ways of handling these date and time tags in different brands of digital cameras and picture software.
Advanced Renamer support all three of these date/time's, but only one at a time. You can choose between the three date/time values in the settings window on the Image Files tab.
Try to change this setting and see if you get the expected result. If not, then please send me some more information about the expected and the actual results. You can find my e-mail by clicking the About link in the top menu.

28/12-11 11:30
#3 : 29/12-11 08:11
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Ok, it was set on "Date Taken", but when I changed it to either Date Digitized or Date Original, then the pictures' new filename became the correct date/time.

I no longer have the previous version of Advanced Renamer to test and see if, with these particular files, it would also have found incorrect dates. But I'd renamed thousands of files before, with it set on "Date Taken", so to me, it seems like something in the updated version that changed how it was reading the file's metadata.

I'm perfectly happy now that I can get my pictures named correctly by switching to date digitized though, so thanks! :) I hadn't thought to try changing that setting before.

Oh, I did email you with a couple screenshots, to give of a visual of what I've been saying.

Thanks again. :)

29/12-11 08:11