List Replace Method regular expression support

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#1 : 23/10-18 22:36
Huxler Bulrus
Huxler Bulrus
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First of all, thanks for developing this software, especially since RenameMaster seems to have entered its death throes.

I have one bug to report and one feature request, both for the list replace method:

1) The bug: The use of the caret as a position indicator, ^, with the regex enabled doesn't actually limit the location match to the start of a line. I admit to not testing it, but I feel that other regex options in the list method may also be borked.

2) The request: Golly, it sure would be nice to be able to re-order the items in the list, or any of the methods, really, with drag-and-drop.

While I'm grabbing the whole complimentary candy tray on the way out of the restaurant by way of my first post, I guess I'd like to put in a vote for more robust and complete regex support, but I understand if these requests are beyond the scope of current development.

23/10-18 22:36