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#1 : 02/01-12 12:40
Steve Whitbread
Steve Whitbread
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Using the Move batch mode to move folders to a different drive ( e.g. with output folder as h:\! RadioBox\! <substr:1:1>\<substr:1:" -">\<Name>), I find that the required folders are created but the files are not moved, with AR giving the Unknown Error result. (It doesn't matter whether any part of the folder tree already exists on the target drive or not.)

The workaround is simply to run the batch to move the folders to some location on the parent drive, then cut and paste, but it would be neater to avoid this step.

02/01-12 12:40
#2 : 02/01-12 20:04
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
Advanced Renamer doesn't support copying of folders. When moving a folder from one hard drive to another you are actually copying it and deleting it afterwards. To be able to undo a batch, all operations in Advanced Renamer has to be atomic. A copy-operation on a folder is not atomic which means if the operations fails half way through, the program cannot undo the operation.

I will instead suggest you to perform the move operation on a file level instead. That way a broken batch can get fixed.

02/01-12 20:04
#3 : 03/01-12 11:25
Steve Whitbread
Steve Whitbread
Posts: 21
Reply to #2:

That explains things nicely, Kim. Thanks for the prompt reply.

At present, AR does seem to offer the facility to copy/move folders from e.g. C: to D:, hence my bug report.

Now that I know, I can stick with my work around.

03/01-12 11:25