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#1 : 02/01-12 12:59
Steve Whitbread
Steve Whitbread
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I use AR mainly to tidy up and rename files from a few locations (offloaded photos, downloaded radio shows etc).

At present AR starts up with the input folder (usually) as whichever folder I was using at the end of the previous session (which seems reasonable enough). However, it uses this folder as the default for the whole of the current session, which is a little frustrating if, having been renaming radio files last week, I now want to work on photos which are in a completely different location.

1. Is it possible simply to remedy this?

2. Better yet, would it be possible to have a drop down list of the last n folder locations and/or set a list of favourite input/output locations?

3. Could favourite locations be stored as <InFolders:1>, <Outfolders:1> or something similar for use in batch processing?

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