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#1 : 02/01-12 13:46
Steve Whitbread
Steve Whitbread
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Dear Kim,
Thanks to its file moving capabilities, Advanced Renamer quickly saves hours of effort and I'm grateful for it.

I find that I'm using it to repeat operations in particular folder locations and the only real frustration (for me) is the need to repeatedly enter different sets of instructions when, having used {Instruction Sets 1, 2 and 3} in {Input Location 1} for {Output Location 2} (using sub-folders derived from file names of different patterns) I have to type in the output strings each time (I've started copying them into a text file prior to adding them into a clipboard utility as a partial time/error saver).

I realise this is partly a legacy of the original focus on simply renaming files and I know you're already planning to enhance the batch handling but it would be a real boon to be able to combine the above in simple and compund macros.

Here's looking forward to running AdvancedRenamer once a week and it handling everything automatically. In the meatime, thanks for what is a really useful program that has clearly benefited lots of people.

02/01-12 13:46
#2 : 02/01-12 20:25
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
When using a tool for automatic repetitive tasks like renaming you start to experience new tasks as repetitive. You are already saving loads of time by not needing to rename/copy/move files manually. This little bump doesn't seem big enough for an advanced macro system.

02/01-12 20:25
#3 : 03/01-12 12:32
Steve Whitbread
Steve Whitbread
Posts: 21
Reply to #2:
Thanks Kim,
Whilst I think a full-fledged, advanced macro system would be a nice end point - and there was e.g. a simple renamer tool in the early 2000's that not only let you write, record and edit simple macros but combine them into really powerful tools (but lacking those vital folder create & move capabilities, ID3 awareness etc) - what I was intending to suggest was possible additions to what is undeniably already a huge time saver.

What would make the biggest difference is being able re-use instruction sets in the new folder input box for batch copy/move (c.f. saving of batch file name instructions). That's partly related to the time saving but also to avoiding inevitable typo-related errors.

I've suggested elsewhere having a history drop down list for folders or being able to save favourite locations for re-use. Something similar for batch copy/move would be a real help - and probably not just to me - but it is possible to work around this using a clipboard utility.

03/01-12 12:32