move and rename a selection from directory tree to a new directory tree

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#1 : 04/11-18 18:55
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I am currently testing the possibilities offered by this powerful program. Unfortunately, I come after my first hours and read the documentary no further. That's why I ask for help with the solution.

I have many photos (> 100,000) that are stored in different subfolders. They are from different cameras. Now the challange.

I would like to move the pictures (move) and I would like to create the same directory tree in the destination directory. I would like to select the images of the different cameras that should correspond to the different creteries (-msk "DSC * .JPG IMG * .JPG) and rename the files." YYYYMMTT_hhmmss_ <NAME> .JPG (-r "<Year Modified> <Month Modified> <Day Modified> _ <Hour Modified> <Min Modified>
<Sec Modified> _ <Name> ")

Here an Example
Quelle Ziel
2015 2015
2015-01 2015-01
DSC001.JPG 20150123_145633_DSC001.JPG
2015-02 2015-02
DSC423.JPG 20150214_235933_DSC423.JPG

2016 2016
2016-01 2016-01
IMG_876.JPG 20160123_145633_IMG_876.JPG
2016-02 2016-02
IMG_987.JPG 20160214_235933_IMG_987.JPG

But I get not the right solution.

Thank you for yout help in advanced.

04/11-18 18:55