Moody Timestamp Method - Maybe Bug Report

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#1 : 13/11-18 22:22
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I recently (finally! if you ask the wife) decided to sort my image albums in an easily sortable format. I am currently renaming the folders in the format:
<Vacation Destination>_<Date Of Vacation>_<Place of Visit>_<other info>

This sorts the folders by vacation destinations. All of this is working fine.

NOW: I also wanted to make the folders sortable by vacation date, so I decided to use the Timestamp method to change the Created Date of the folder to the <Date of Vacation>. This is where things get moody with ARen.

1. One cannot apply the TimeStamp method along with the other methods used to rename the folders. It throws error "Pattern Missing", because I suppose it checks the OG folder name instead of the final renamed version done by the methods before it. One can easily get around this by first renaming the folders and then reloading them back into ARen and applying Timestamp....except...

2. One cannot apply the Timestamp method immediately after the folder rename, even if it is the only method active. It shows no error in the preview, but when you actually start the batch, ARen throws a "101 Unknown Error" for each of the folders whose timestamp is being changed. One has to either reboot the machine or wait a few hours (haven't measured how many min or anything. I just stopped trying and took it up later) and then apply just the Timestamp method for it to go through.

3. If you insist ARen do the Timestamping immediately after the folder rename, and try again, ARen throws an Access Violation error and quits. I have tried with "Run as Admin" also, and same issue.

Is this known behavior of the app, or am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug? I am pretty much done with the renamings for now, but some more sorting will be done in a few days, and I can send screenshots of the same, if needed.

P.S.: Using ARen on a Windows 10 on a Intel Core i5 Gen8 laptop.

13/11-18 22:22