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#1 : 03/01-12 13:23
Steve Whitbread
Steve Whitbread
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Is it possible to make the file types filter box editable (with access to a list of stored options) in future?). At present *.* is the only, fixed option. I'd like to be able to filter for all sound files, picture files, DOCs.

I'm likely to treat different file types in a folder in different ways e.g. PAR2, RAR, NFO, JPG, MP3, FLAC, so I wouldn't want to add them all together (as AR works at present).

I can type e.g. *.gif; *.jpg into the file name entry box but it's necesssary to do this every time and if there are lots of different file types and lots of files, then neither this nor manually selecting the files is very speedy.

Add folders (Or add directories as it currently is) provides the opportunity to filter/mask for different files and retains the last used filter (at least within session) but it would also be useful to be able to store favourite or last n filters here too.

The (preferable?) alternative would be to add all files to the list but be able to select (or hide) e.g. all picture files prior to processing. That way you'd only have to load files once and could then work through the changes to different types/groups.

In either case, reverse selection would be an added bonus.

Hopefully, the initial suggestion would be relatively easy to implement
within what already exists (The problem with finding a program that does lots of what you want is that making lots of positive suggestions either seems like fault finding or presents the developer with a pile of yet further tasks - either of which seem entirely ungrateful).

03/01-12 13:23