ID3 leading zeros ?

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#1 : 06/12-18 17:25
Michael Deeter
Michael Deeter
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How do I prevent ID3 renaming adding leading zeros to <ID3 Track>.

Some of my ID3 tags already have leading zeros in them.

My files keep getting track numbers like 001,002,003... I'd rather have 1,2,3 (or at least only 01,02,03)

06/12-18 17:25
#2 : 08/12-18 14:34
David Lee
David Lee
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Reply to #1:
Try <ID3 Track:0>

The number of zeroes following the colon controls the number of leading zeros in the output.
eg <ID3 Track:000> should give you 001 etc.

It works for me, but AR outputs track nos without leading zeros by default for the files I have tried.

This feature doesn't appear to be documented - but I suspected that it may have been added by analogy to the date/time tags.

08/12-18 14:34