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#1 : 16/01-12 19:59
erwin ruff
erwin ruff
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I've downloaded the beta version of AR and I love it sspecially the new "Command line automation"

I ve created a batch file to rename from shell extension under windows x64

but my problem is, that there is no parameter for file names to rename, only complete folders. I hope there will be a parameter to enter a direct file location in the next final version.
And how do you think about using Tags to locate or create the destination folder on batch Mode Move/Copy?

Thanks a lot to the Advanced Renamer Team.


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#2 : 16/01-12 20:17
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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I am glad you like the new command line automation feature.

At the moment there are two ways to rename files.

1. Rename all files in a folder (the -p switch)
2. Rename all files where the names are present in a file (the -i switch)

If you want to rename a lot of files it will be a bad idea to specify them as a command line parameter. The command will simply be too long.

If I made a switch for supplying files in the command line how many files would you expect to use in a single batch?

16/01-12 20:17
#3 : 16/01-12 21:06
erwin ruff
erwin ruff
Posts: 21
Reply to #2:
10 to 50 i think
not more.
most time i rename single files after downloading.
but there is no shellex on x64 systems

would it be better to create a itemfilelist in my batch file an then use it with arenc.exe?

Is there a way to specify the files by extensions to rename in command line?
If I rename the folder content

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#4 : 17/01-12 08:31
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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You are right. There are no shellex on 64 bit systems and because 64 bit systems are getting more and more popular I will expect the feature to disappear at some point.
I am not a very big fan of shell extensions. The menu can get unorganized and cluttered very fast. Instead I will recommend to drag n' drop files onto Advanced Renamer. That also works in many other programs.

The final version of 3.20 will be released within a couple of days (maybe even later today) and I have decided to add a command line switch to arenc.exe for supplying a small list of files separated by a ;.
An example would be:
arenc.exe -e batch.aren -f file1.txt;file2.txt;file3.txt

I am also thinking about a file mask or regular expression to select which files in a folder to rename but I am not sure I can get that ready for the final version.

17/01-12 08:31