problem with set lower case first letter in every word

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#1 : 11/12-18 03:54
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I'm using two replaces:

1 - Set lower case - apply to name
2 - Set lower case first letter in every word - apply to name

But this change my file names that has prepositions and the name goes wrong, example:

Filme - Como Perceber A Melhor Dica De Trabalho.mp4

I need this:

Filme - Como Perceber a Melhor Dica de Trabalho.mp4

A and DE are prepositions in my language like of, in, to, for in english!

There's any way to set only prepositions to lowercase ?

Also force the first letter always to be uppercase does not matter if this is a preposition?


A Minha História De Sucesso.mp4


A Minha História de Sucesso.mp4

Thank you!

11/12-18 03:54
#2 : 11/12-18 09:17
David Lee
David Lee
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Reply to #1:
Add a List replace method.
Replace " A " with " a " & " De " with " de ".
(ie spaces before and after each word).

If titles ever have a preposition at the end - eg "Film Title, A.mp4" then also replace " A$" with " a" etc and select "Use regular expression".

11/12-18 09:17