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#1 : 11/12-18 11:10
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Firstly discovered this tool tonight and it looks awesome!

I have a bunch of RAW photos (Sony ARW format) which I'm trying to rename into the following format:


E.g. 2017-05-01 15.01.44.ARW

I was able to achieve this with jpgs by doing:

<Img Year>-<Img Month>-<Img Day> <Img Hour>.<Img Min>.<Img Sec>

However, have to use EXIF for the raw images.

with <ExifTool:DateTimeOriginal> this outputs like so:

2017_08_19 08_39_32.ARW

How can I make it instead YYYY-MM-DD HR.MN.SC?


11/12-18 11:10
#2 : 11/12-18 17:38
David Lee
David Lee
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Add a "Replace" method after your existing "New Name" and select "Use regular expressions".

Text to be replaced: _(\d{2})_(\d{2} \d{2})_(\d{2})_
Replace with: -\1-\2.\3.

For an explanation see:

11/12-18 17:38 - edited 11/12-18 17:50
#3 : 15/12-18 11:26
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Thanks a lot! Somehow I missed the regex section when I had a look through the docs.

I wrote a blog post about it :-) box-naming-convention-using-advanced-ren amer/

15/12-18 11:26