Renaming Image Files and grouping specific sets of files into separate folders

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#1 : 11/12-18 17:30
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Hey all,

I have a large batch of image files that I would like to organise into folders based on a selected section of the file name while also renaming the files.


original file name of a group of files: 12345_blablabla_123.jpeg

outcome of batch/script: Folder name: 12345
Files within folder: 12345_01.jpeg

What i'm looking for is a way to select the first section of text/numbers and using that to organise my files.
Any info on this would be greatly appreciated, I'm youtube teaching myself atm but thought you guys could help speed up my tutelage!


11/12-18 17:30
#2 : 11/12-18 18:31
David Lee
David Lee
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I have never used A.Ren. to move files myself - but the User Guide is very helpful!

Select Batch mode: "Move" and enter "<Substr:1:5>" as the Output folder. (Hint: click the Insert Tag button "</>" and select "Advanced Tags). Files will still be renamed according to your selected methods.

Your new folders will be created inside the original source folder.

I recommend that you read Kim's User Guide before watching You Tube videos, and you can find some additional tips for more recent functionality by clicking "What's New" on the A.Ren. download page.

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David Lee
David Lee
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