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#1 : 11/12-18 23:34
frank miller
frank miller
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Maybe I just don't get it- But why on earth do the files need to be in order _before_ applying tags to them?
I did the following:
- add a directory with episodes of TV show
- import data from this online database
- create a method like so: <TVShow Title> - S<TVShow Season>E<TVShow EpisodeNumber> - <TVShow EpisodeTitle>

Since my filenames are all over the place I tought I'd now go and sort them, by hand, in the 'rename files' list- But apparently the tags now stick to the files no matter what. Is there no function to clear the tags from the files and reapply them?

I mean, I really like the idea of this tool, it is something I really need every now and then, and of course I really appreciate the fact that AR apparently is free for personal use (or is it? I wasn't quite sure...) -But the whole thing looks and feels like the result of a 'spaghetti code' kind of approach. IMHO you should really take a look at MP3tag. Both MP3tag and AR are _almost_ what I would want from such a tool, but in comparison I have to say, MP3tag feels _much_ more like a solid concept, the interface is a lot cleaner, there's less redundancy... While AR is a lot more fiddly, somehow...

But yeah, maybe I just didn't get it, I'll go now and fiddle with it some more :) Thanks for all the work anyway, mate - while it is fiddly, it's still quite helpful!

11/12-18 23:34
#2 : 12/12-18 10:50
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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There are no metadata in the files associating the files to the tv show episodes. When importing TV show information the information from the first TV show entry is applied to the first file and the second entry is applied to the second file. If you rearrange the files after the import the data will stick to the files the data was imported to. This can be useful in many cases.

12/12-18 10:50
#3 : 30/12-18 04:32
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Reply to #2:

You make a good point about MetaData. In the OP's case, what you state is true. The OP is importing literally all the info about the series/episode through the tags.

However, in my case, I usually use ARen to import episode titles only, with the filename already containing the Series Name and Season/Episode numbers. In this case, I feel there should be a way to attach the correct episode names to the respective files regardless of how they are ordered.

30/12-18 04:32