Drag and drop does not work :(

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#1 : 20/12-18 06:01
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1) I cannot drag and drop a bunch of files from a windows explorer menu into the program. Nothing happens when I release the drag.

2) Some files cannot change the filename in the same folder. I had 13 files that showed ok in the preview. But then only 6 of them actually changed when the batch was run. the other 7 the filename was not changed. I get an error:

101 Unknown Error: System cannot find specified path.

So why can it find these files in the preview window, and SOME of similarly named files could be changed, but the other files cannot be changed? What is so magical about these files?

Windows 8.1 x64 bit
Advanced Renamer 3.84

20/12-18 06:01
#2 : 02/01-19 11:37
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>>>Drag and drop does not work :(

Do you happen to run Advanced Renamer with elevated admin rights (run As Administrator)?
You can't drop from lower level (IE) to an app running with a higher system level.


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02/01-19 11:37