Rename Folders after filename within the folder

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#1 : 20/12-18 22:20
Thomas Kings
Thomas Kings
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I have a bit over 300 Folders, every folder name 1-300.
I want to rename each folder now after a certain file within that folder that is in another subfolder.
Thing is that the name is different for each folder, so its 300 different names.

Is it possible to do this?

20/12-18 22:20
#2 : 02/01-19 19:51
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Can you provide an example of what you have and how you want it to end up?

02/01-19 19:51
#3 : 20/01-19 14:29
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He wants Folder1 to be renamed to Folder1_123 or something like this. I have a similar issue, haven't resolved it either.

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