Suggestion: TimeStamp method should can use any EXIF date not just "datetaken"..

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#1 : 06/01-19 21:11
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TimeStamp method should have way to assign any dates of files using EXIF:<some_date_field> tag.

For example it would be great to extract date like "date acquired" or "media created" or else one from video metadata of file by its EXIF name and then set "date created" of file or anyone to it by this method.

Otherwise great tool. TIA.

06/01-19 21:11
#2 : 07/01-19 00:28
David Lee
David Lee
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Doesn't the ExifTool tag interface do what you want?

eg (from Nikon EXIF metadata): <ExifTool:DateTimeOriginal>

07/01-19 00:28
#3 : 07/01-19 04:32
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This or others. The metadata EXIFTool reads includes lot of different dates. But TimeStamp method doesn't allow now to use these dates (or its date tags) to storing into the file dates.

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#4 : 07/01-19 13:24
David Lee
David Lee
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A simple work-around is to use an ExifTool tag temporarily to add the required Timestamp to the existing filename, then extract it into the Timestamp method using "Filename pattern" and finally delete the temporary Timestamp from the filename.

Since the Timestamp method uses the ORIGINAL filename you will have to accomplish this in two passes.

eg To apply the FileCreateDate from ExifTool to the "Modified date and time":

1st pass...
___Add method:
_____Add: <ExifTool:FileCreateDate>£
_____At index: 0

2nd pass...
___Timestamp method:
_____Apply to: Modified date and time
_____Filename pattern
_____Pattern: <Year>_<Month>_<Day> <Hour>_<Min>_<Sec>
___Remove pattern method:
_____Pattern: .*£
_____Use regular expression
_____Apply to: Name

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#5 : 11/01-19 03:51
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Thank you for this workaround and I will try it. But any ways I think that the extended as described above TimeStamp method still is needed.

11/01-19 03:51