Replacing last file of a folder a certain way.

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#1 : 17/01-19 04:32
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Currently I have many many folders with image files that I want named in a particular format:

img_001.jpg = _Bali_Lau-Ma-Restaurant_cover1.jpg
img_002.jpg = Indonesia_Lau-Ma-Restaurant_Bali_002.jpg
img_003.jpg = Indonesia_Lau-Ma-Restaurant_Bali_003.jpg
img_004.jpg = Indonesia_Lau-Ma-Restaurant_Bali_004.jpg
img_005.jpg = _Bali_Lau-Ma-Restaurant_cover2.jpg

I get the <Country>_<Venue>_<City> info from the directory the files are in, so don't worry about that.

As in the example, the first and last file of each folder are the cover images that I want renamed in a different way. The first file is easy to rename because it is always img_001.jpg. But the last file is a challenge because each folder has different number of files, so the last file will be differently numbered in each folder. So currently I have to load each folder separately and edit the Replace Rule manually so that the last file is renamed as a cover file.

Is there a way to create a rule that dynamically picks the file with the max number in a directory and rename it in cover format above? This way I can load all the folders at the same time and rename them all in one go, since the format is the same for them all.

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#2 : 17/01-19 12:24
David Lee
David Lee
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If you use a script, item.filesInDir returns what it says.

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Thanks for the reply. I have no clue how to script, though. I'll give it a shot.

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#4 : 17/01-19 17:34
David Lee
David Lee
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Neither did I when I started with ARen!

To get started see

For more info on syntax try Googling for JavaScript commands - I found hits at particularly helpful.

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#5 : 18/01-19 15:21
David Lee
David Lee
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The script below will do what you want:

img_001.jpg => img_cover1.jpg
img_002.jpg => img_002.jpg
img_003.jpg => img_003.jpg
img_004.jpg => img_004.jpg
img_005.jpg => img_cover2.jpg

Note that you must insert the script method at the beginning of the batch, before your other methods (or in a separate pass), as "" returns the ORIGINAL filename.

x =;
txt = x.slice(0,-3);
num = Number(x.slice(-3));
if (num == 1) {
x = txt + "cover1"
} else if (num == item.filesInDir) {
x = txt + "cover2"
return x;

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**reply deleted by me**

Nevermind, did not see your reply. I will check your script out.

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