Division by zero while analyzing

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#1 : 25/01-12 14:32
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I'm trying to rename tonz of files and folders (bit by bit, I'm only adding folder by folder so the tool is not overloaded by transactions.
But everytime I try to add a specific folder it says: "Floating Point division by zero". And then the whole programme collapses :(
Is there any kind of bugfix for this?
Folder info: 221 files, 21 folder, size 244 MB
There are some special characters in the file names (that's why I'm trying to rename them), for example:
à ¤ ' ¶ ¼

Thanks for help!
Sunny / Vanessa

25/01-12 14:32
#2 : 25/01-12 15:34
erwin ruff
erwin ruff
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Reply to #1:
if I try to rename à ¤ ' ¶ ¼.ext ---> newfilename
it worked fine

no error message

plz send a few filenames with errors. these characters have no error.

25/01-12 15:34
#3 : 25/01-12 15:42
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Well, I cannot send explicit filenames because I don't know which one causes the error... And the error persists though I have manually renamed all files in that specific subfolder. There are no more special chracters but it still crashes with an division by zero. :/

25/01-12 15:42
#4 : 25/01-12 19:10
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #3:
What is the file type of the files? Are they images, music files, video files, or something else? Does all the files make the program crash?

25/01-12 19:10
#5 : 26/01-12 20:41
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Hi there,

well, in this case it was obviously a corrupt image (jpg).
I could track the error down to a very old "images" folder with some jpg's from 1998 - one of those seemed to have been corrupt. I deleted the folder and the images and since then I have been able to rename lots of files again!

Thanks for the help and ideas where to search.
Vanessa / Sunny

26/01-12 20:41