Matching .mkv and .srt file names

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#1 : 21/01-19 19:07
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Hi! I am new to the tool and the forum. Thanks in advance for any support you may provide me.

I have a bunch of video files (.mkv) and their subtitles files (.srt).
In orden for the subtitles to be desplayed, they must have the same name as the video they are meant for.

I am unable to find a way to remove the last part of the file name and add a word to the end of it.

-original file name is somehting like:
- it needs to become:

S01 relates to Season, and all the files are S01
E01 relates to Episode01, so the original name and the result name may run from 01 to 24

Hope you may help.

Thank you!

21/01-19 19:07
#2 : 25/01-19 17:33
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Reply to #1:

You can maybe sync the .mkv and .srt file names using the answer in this thread, um_id=5919

Then use an Add method to append the language at the end of the new filename, as per your requirement.

25/01-19 17:33