How to replace an underscore with a space

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#1 : 26/01-19 22:04
Lynda D
Lynda D
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Hi. I'm a noob, so please be gentle. I have a ton of files that contain underscores in-between each word and I'd like to replace the underscore with a space. For instance:
would become
Hamster Fight.mp3.
I can't figure out how to do this and every forum post I've found that discusses this is at least a couple of years old and seems to be outdated. Can anyone help? And thank you in advance.

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#2 : 26/01-19 22:16
David Lee
David Lee
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Try reading the User Guide - it really does help!

Hint - you would "like to REPLACE the underscore with a space".

The answer is obvious!

26/01-19 22:16
#3 : 26/01-19 22:32
Lynda D
Lynda D
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I looked at the user guide but it seems to be outdated as well--at least, it doesn't seem to reflect Ant Renamer in its current form--and if you mean I should use the replace function, such as multiple string replacement, put an underscore in the "search for" box and a space in the "replace by" box, well, I tried that but it didn't work. I just end up with no spaces at all between the words.

Edit: I *think* I have it figured out (fingers crossed). Under "string replacement" I had the "apply to extension instead of name" box ticked. Once I unticked the box it seemed to work. Yay!

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