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#1 : 04/02-19 18:36
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i have a list of image files i1.jpg, i2.jpg, i22.jpg (about 2000)
I have a table of short descriptions that i would like to merge into those file names
ex lamp
door knob

these are in a file, say a 2000 row csv file has a column with the i1, i2, i22 for a cross reference to the image a typical row would be
lamp i1
door knob i2

so i'd like to rename the file i1.jpg to i1-lamp.jpg
i2.jpg to i2-door knob.jpg

? thorny issue and appreciate any help in advance...


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#2 : 04/02-19 21:16
David Lee
David Lee
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Should be straightforward using "Import"=>"Files from CSV..." to load the source filenames into the list and the corresponding new filenames into the List method.

You will need to edit your csv file so that source filenames - including extensions - are in column 1 and new filenames in column 2.


i1.jpg, i1-lamp
i2.jpg, i2-door knob

If you have Excel then open your csv file and...

C1 =A1&".jpg"
D1 =A1&"-"&B1

Select cells C1 & D1 and copy down to the end of the worksheet
Select columns C & D
Copy and Paste Special to the same columns as Values
Delete columns A & B
Save as csv
Close Excel

Start ARen

Filename: Browse for csv file
Base folder for original files: Just as it says
Column separator: Comma
Click Import

List method should now be set up ready to run the batch

Select Apply to: Name
Start batch


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