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#1 : 08/02-19 23:47
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Hi there,
I couldn't find the following options somewhere in the settings, if they are there please tell me where. Maybe it's just some line in one of the programs settings files I need to change, then just tell me which one and what.

It would be really helpful if there was a setting to hide the file extension from being shown in the table of files. It's already pretty wide with "filename" and "new filename" and if I need to know the filetype I can always choose it as a column.
I can see how this might be a security measure so people realize it if they accidentally renaming the extension but maybe you can add it as an option for "advanced users" or something like that.
Also I would really like to stop the "highlighting" of files that have a different type than the majority of other files loaded. (Hope you know what I mean I think they show up blue)

I'm working a lot with files that have different filetypes but still need to get the same names (btw: can't wait to test out the "pair renaming) but I'm taking my own measures to know which type is which and not to fiddle with extension names unless I know what I'm doing. Some of the extensions have really long names (.package) which really adds to an already wide table. The highlighting of files with a different filetype makes it hard to just "glance" over the list and see if all show an entry in "new filename" or are grayed out. So I would really appreciate it if those two options could be changed!

Ok now that I'm here writing all this I actually remember two more things I'd like to change (or get help with).
As soon as I rename some files for the first time, on the bottom right of the window I get the box with options to "undo last batch" and so on. That window takes up A LOT of space and it seems I can't resize between the table and this box or have any option to get rid of it alltogether. Am I right or am I just not seeing that option? I really wish the resizing of the different areas inside the main program window would be more freely so I could make the left column with my "methods" narrower as well or even resize the whole window into a tiny unreadable corner of my computer screen (just because I want to).

Last but not least.
I love your replace methods and that there are so many but is there a way to have a "replace list" that can be saved/exported/imported from outside the program? I could think of 2 options for that.
One would be using the csv tags and have a table where column 1 would hold the word/string to be replaced and column 2 the new word/string. Then use the "replace" window and write replace <Csv:1> with <Csv:2> It doesn't seem to work like that yet or I'm just to stupid to figure out how. But it would also mean scanning the whole csv for every file on the list again and again so that's probably hard.
The other one would be having the "rename list" as textwindow (like the one that's just a "list") and use some separator for telling which word should replace which, maybe: "old word" ; "new word"
Or maybe just add an import/export option to the "rename list" and let us import csv files there, might even be the most elegant solution.

Ok sorry for just rambling on and typing what goes through my mind right now.
Thanks for reading and your great program!

08/02-19 23:47
#2 : 09/02-19 22:57
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Reply to #1:
You can always manually adjust the column widths of the file name and new file name columns to hide the file extensions.... so I am not sure what your issue is in that regards.

" I would really like to stop the "highlighting" of files that have a different type than the majority of other files loaded."
This has never happened to me. ARen does not care what file types you are renaming unless you explicitly choose to rename both extension and name from the various renaming methods, or if your renaming causes an error. The only instances where the file names turn blue for me is when I use F2 to rename a file outside of the renaming methods I am using for the rest of the files in the list.

Also, are you working on a very low-res screen? In a typical 720p or 1080p screen, ARen leaves enough space for the list that the other aspects of its layout don't get in the way of comfortably viewing the list.

Regarding import/export of lists, please read the User Guide.

09/02-19 22:57 - edited 09/02-19 22:58
#3 : 11/02-19 19:15
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Reply to #2:
Here is a screenshot of what I mean https://i.postimg.cc/7P2cRPK9/ar.jpg
English is not my first language so maybe that explains better.

Manually adjusting the columns doesn't help me. It would only work on the longest filename and that one would end in "..." which means I would always have to check if that is really only hiding the extension or if more of the name is hidden behind the next column. Also I would need to do this adjustment with every new batch of files instead of just doubleclick for autoadjust. I just don't wanna see the extension (undelined in red on screenshot) at all!

The blue highlighting solved itself when I updated the programm, I guess I had pairing on unkowingly. :p

I've marked in green on the screenshot the area that is completely useless. I have a very big screen (actually using a tv flatscreen) and that screenshot was taken with the window fully expanded. I would like to be able to click on that line marked in blue and lower it till the whole area in green (and "last result" window) would disappear or have some option to disable that section alltogether.
I love to have several programs/windows open at the same time and arrange them next to each other. This is almost impossible with aren because the smallest way of resizing the window still takes up two third of my screen. Also the area marked in purple on the screen, why can't I move that line more to the left? I actually think that the fact that I'm having a bigger screen might be the issue here.

I guess I should have started a new topic for the import/export feature maybe I do that another time, I just got extremely angry for writing a really long post here and then got logged out meanwhile and loosing all of it. Just saying "magic file renamer" has that import/export function of a REPLACE list. I do know how to generally import/export and I can also get the csv tag to work just not as a funtion to PARTLY replace something from a filename via list and the "list replace" method existing in AR has no import/export function.

Thanks for reading

11/02-19 19:15
#4 : 12/02-19 19:22
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Reply to #3:

Your requirements/expectations regarding the Details area and the Column width are a little too specific for any program meant for general consumption to have, IMHO. For me personally, I am not bothered by the "..." in the old file names, because I am just concerned with the new filename, so I make the old file name column narrower and the new file name one wider. Details pane is also a useful feature if you are working with images, and for me personally, I get to verify whether the cover images and the set images are appropriately renamed by clicking on the item in the list and looking at the details pane at the bottom. What you consider a waste of space might actually have been designed because it is useful to many others.

By your description of the import/export, I think that you should refer to the List method (not List Replace, just List) in the User Guide.

12/02-19 19:22