Bug Report : ARen displays possibility of duplicate filenames error, even if issue rectified.

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#1 : 15/02-19 02:33
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I was renaming a batch of files in the format:


The renaming method used was such that the first 2 "al" files and the 2 "ss" files were renamed the same. So I deselected the two "ss" files, but ARen kept displaying the "Possibility of Multiple files with the same name" Error for all 4 files (2 "al" + 2"ss").

When I ran the batch, I got the same error during running of the batch too, with an option to stop the batch or skip erroneous files, even though I had deselected the two files that were causing the error.

Intuitively, shouldn't the error go away once I deselect the 2 files that are in error, since the deselected files are not gonna get renamed in the batch?

The error only goes away when I remove the 2 "ss" files from the list, instead of just deselecting them. But again, isn't deselecting the clashing files serving the same purpose in the sense that the deselected files will not be processed in the batch, same as if the files were removed from the list?

15/02-19 02:33 - edited 15/02-19 02:45