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#1 : 15/02-19 11:25
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Hello all,

Is there a possibility to pre-define tags, which only allow a set certain of words?

E.g.: A tag is named "sports".
When "sports" is put into the new file name line, I have to choose from a drop-down-list, if it is "football", "tennis", "basketball", etc. (the sports to choose from are pre-defined by myself).

I am looking forward to your helpful answers.

Kind regards,

15/02-19 11:25
#2 : 16/02-19 21:52
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I do not think this is possible using the app. Maybe you can try making a script that looks for a particular pattern in the file/folder name you are trying to rename and add the relevant sport's name accordingly, but other than that, I dunno.

16/02-19 21:52
#3 : 22/04-19 09:31
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Perhaps a batch-file using "choice", which will allow you to choose the sport name before changing the filename.

In the examples, instead of the "ECHO HELLO", "ECHO BYE" etc you would put your rename commands using the sports' names as appropriate.

For example, if #1 is "FOOTBALL", the command for #1 would something like "ren "filename-1.mp4" "football - filename-1.mp4"

Depending on the filenames - if they are the same, or even if slightly different - a dos command would rename all the files with the one command.

Sounds daunting, but reasonably easy do do.

Or you could go to ard=31.0 and ask for a program to be coded for your specific needs.

Hope it helps.

22/04-19 09:31 - edited 22/04-19 09:33