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#1 : 05/02-12 20:40
R Owens
R Owens
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Hi -

I'm trying to run a scheduled task (runs a batch program for now) for AdvancedRenamer that replaces characters in a filename. Everything works fine when i run the GUI, but the command line doesn't appear to look recursively throughout all of the subfolders. Here's my folder structure:

G:/TVShows/TV Shows/30 Rock/Season 01/S##E## - <episode name>.mkv

This is what i use to launch AdvanceRenamer from a batch file: arenc -e TVRename.aren -p "G:\TVShows\TV Shows"

It says it processes 0 files.

If i change the folder to : G:/TVShows/TV Shows/30 Rock/Season 01
then it looks at all the files in the Season 01 folder and renames them accordingly.

Is there something on the command line that can be added to indicate that the folder should look through all subfolders as well? Unfortunately, it would not be feasible to add all of the Season ## directories individually to the batch program.


05/02-12 20:40
#2 : 07/02-12 08:28
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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In the current version there are no way to tell the command line executable that it should look for files in subfolders. The command line tool is fairly new and I expect it to be missing various command line switches. I will put the sub folder switch on my todo list for an upcomming release.

07/02-12 08:28
#3 : 08/02-12 08:05
R Owens
R Owens
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Thank you!

08/02-12 08:05
#4 : 10/02-12 15:59
Steve Whitbread
Steve Whitbread
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In the meantime...

There are various free utilities (and even DOS commands) which will extract a folder tree into a text file. Could you use the resulting folder list in a batch file to achieve what you want?

10/02-12 15:59