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#1 : 18/02-19 09:57
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Im kind of new to this thing. Wanted some help with list method renaming.

I have thousands of photos which needs to be renamed and a list with old names and new names.
For example:

Photos that has to be renamed:

Old name: New name:
A 147
B 259
C 441
D 374
E 662

Is it possible to use a list which helps the program to somehow find the current name of file in the first column of renaming list and chooses the new name in the second column?

Please feel free to ask any questions if i sound un-understandable

18/02-19 09:57
#2 : 18/02-19 11:20
David Lee
David Lee
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Easy! Use "Files from CSV..." in the "Import" menu.

If you put a list of existing filenames (including extensions) in the first column of a CSV file then these files will be entered into the file list.

If another column contains new filenames then these can be entered automatically into the List method, in the same order as the original files.

See for details.

18/02-19 11:20