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#1 : 23/02-19 10:54
Joop S
Joop S
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Hello all

I'm using timestamp method to to set the file modified date and time according the value as displayed in the filename, e.g.


sets the file modified date and time to 15-12-2018 12:30.

This methode works very well, but I wonder if it is possible to use wildcards for the separators - and/or _ in the filename pattern, because the separators can be different, e.g.



With regards


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#2 : 23/02-19 16:14
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Reply to #1:

Unfortunately it does not seem like Timestamp method supports this. But most other renaming methods support this. You can account for different separators using either "\" in your replace method or using Regular Expressions and the operator "|".

So maybe normalise your filenames to use one particular separator using the replace method and then apply the Timestamp method using the normalised pattern.

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