Video Tags Don't Work with Command Line

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#1 : 25/02-19 01:24
John Martin
John Martin
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Created a command line batch file for renaming photos that are synced from my phone to my server. The the method list file renames the file based on image created date tags and the destination path also accepts image date tags as well.

I went to do the same thing with a video renamer method list and it appears that command line doesn't accept any of the video tags. My file outputs as __.mp4 in P:\John's Photos\ where it should actually rename and move the file so it ends up as P:\John's Photos\<Video Date Year>\<Video Date Month>\<Video Date Year><Video Date Month><Video Date Day>_<Video Date Hour><Video Date Min>_<Video Date Sec>.mp4.

In the GUI, my method list and output folders work as expected. The only thing I noticed is that when I open the batch file in Notepad++, "Date" inside the tags in the output destination are both bolded blue. Notepad++ recognizes it's a .bat and so it switches the recognized language of terms to Batch. This has me thinking that Date is a reserved term or command or something.

Otherwise, this thing does exactly what I need it to! The app I use to sync my phone to my network drive has some dumb ways it creates subfolders so this consolidates all of the stuff into just a few folders.


25/02-19 01:24