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#1 : 10/03-19 01:04
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Hello to the group.

I've got a bit of a conundrum. I've been naming my files in the following format for years:

Just the Way You Are - Carolyn Adair_2015 720p

Sadly, most media organizers (and Plex) really need the date in front of the actor's name after the title. Like so:

Just the Way You Are - 2015_Carolyn Adair 720p

Is their a way or a script that anyone can think of that would enable me to do that? I've got nearly 8,000 titles that would need to be fixed and so rudimentary naming schemes seem out of question.

Thanks for reading and any thoughts you might have!

10/03-19 01:04
#2 : 10/03-19 19:18
David Lee
David Lee
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Reply to #1:

Provided that all filenames are in this format, viz. <title> <hyphen> <artiste><underscore><year> <resolution>

then use the Replace method with a Regular Expression:

...Replace: (.* -)(.*)_(\d{4})(.*)
... with: \1 \3_\2\4

10/03-19 19:18