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#1 : 10/03-19 22:04
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Advanced Renamer is a great piece of software and I use it frequently. Will definitely buy it when I have money...

But I had a problem today. I wanted to remove all emojis from a file name. So I added the method "Remove characters", with the characters you can find here: https://ghostbin.com/paste/8q62w (I created a ghostbin because I was scared this forum can't handle those special characters). Sadly advanced renamer don't seem to be able to work with that characters. No emoji gets removed.

Have I missed something or is it a bug?

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#2 : 11/03-19 10:28
David Lee
David Lee
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What do you mean by the "Remove characters" method?

Can't comment about "emojis" in filenames apart from only an idiot would want to use them!

However your best solution would probably be to use the Replace method and define the characters you want to KEEP - the match string will be very much shorter!.

Try starting with the Regular Expression: [^\w\d .-_] and add any other printable characters that may occur in the filenames. ("^" is the NOT operator).

Leave the "Replace with..." string blank and set "Occurence" to All.

11/03-19 10:28
#3 : 12/03-19 17:27
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Thanks for your answer! I didn't thought about just keeping the chars I want. Very smart!

With the "Remove characters" method I meant the trim method. Translation confusions.

And yes, only and idiot would want to use emojis in an filename. That's why I want to get rid of them (The files are coming from some internet source).

12/03-19 17:27
#4 : 15/03-19 20:40
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Advanced Renamer support Unicode since v 3.5 from 2012.

But you need to find the unicode char numbers for that signs like 'U+1F601'
not the sign itself: 😁
see >>> https://apps.timwhitlock.info/emoji/tables/unico de

and try to use that numbers in AdvRen... maybe in RegEx syntax \x1F601
in the Replace Method https://www.advancedrenamer.com/user_guide/metho d_replace

Maybe even this regex character class will work:
[^[:ascii:]] >>> matches a single non-ASCII char
Occurrences: [All ]

See f.ex. as discussed here >>> https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2124010/grep -regex-to-match-non-ascii-characters

Since I doesn't need unicode myself, you have to try it out....


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