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#1 : 18/03-19 23:20
Greg Little
Greg Little
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(Have given up searching for an answer, hopefully will find one here)

I have a lot of movies that I now want to rename and add the Release Year to the filename. The reason is that I have multiple versions of movies for my Plex server and in order to get them to combine, or stack, together is dependent on the year being present in the filename. (I keep multiple versions of each movie for different devices so no transcoding needs to happen)

Since many of my video files did not have proper data to begin with, I have been using a tool, MetaX, to correct the metadata. One of the fields it updates is the Year, and it appears to be correct for the files I have checked.

If you look at Windows properties, the Year I am trying to get is in the section "Media" (also has "contributing artists" and "Genre"

I have not found an existing Year that seems to pick this up particular date:
ID3 <ID3Year>
Video Date Year
TV Show Years

I am hoping it might be available via an Exif field, but all my searches find are for photos and not movies.

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#2 : 03/04-19 21:59
Greg Little
Greg Little
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#3 : 04/04-19 12:54
David Lee
David Lee
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You aren't giving enough information to be sure of the answer.

However a simple bit of detective work changing the "Media: Year" using Windows Properties and then looking for changes using ExifTool in ARen shows that the source you are looking for would be <ExifTool:ContentCreateDate> for an mp4 file created in 2017 and downloaded from BBC iPlayer in 2019. However there's no guarantee that this will be true for all video files.

Whilst Windows Properties returns only the year, the "date" actually saved in the file is a full date/time string ("2017:03:30 21:00:00+01:00" in this case). When the year is changed from the Windows Properties dialogue then the date string is overwritten by the year only. Depending upon how MetaX writes the tag you may need to edit the date using a second Method or add the year using a script.

04/04-19 12:54