How to rename matching file names only (based a list or clipboard)

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#1 : 27/03-19 08:40
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I have a text list that looks like this:

Old File Name1.txt, New File Name1.txt
Old File Name2.txt, New File Name2.txt
Old File Name3.txt, New File Name3.txt

The folder with the 'old' file names also contains 'other' file names (like, xyz.rar, whatever)

I would like to copy/paste the text list into Advanced Renamer and Advanced Renamer should do a find and replace.
Find Old File Name1.txt replace with New File Name1.txt
skip files that can not be found (like, xyz.rar) because they are not in the list.

so, ONLY.. the matching file names should be replaced, other file names should be skipped.



27/03-19 08:40
#2 : 27/03-19 11:35
David Lee
David Lee
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27/03-19 11:35
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Thanks a lot.

01/04-19 10:18