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#1 : 09/02-12 15:42
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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It is usually me who answers most questions in this forum but lately other people have been giving good answers to user problems too. That is really great and I hope you guys will continue to share your knowledge.
For the next couple of months I need to finish up some classes at the IT University of Copenhagen and with a full time day job, I might get really swamped with stuff to do. This will not result in me not releasing new stuff and answering questions, but the time between releases might get a bit longer and I might not answer questions as fast as I want to.
I hope others will help out by answering questions here in the forum. There is nothing worse than sitting with a problem and not being able to progress.

09/02-12 15:42 - edited 09/02-12 15:43
#2 : 10/02-12 16:03
Steve Whitbread
Steve Whitbread
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Reply to #1:

Well, I'm only trying to curry favour for requested changes/additions.

Ooops, what a giveaway.

10/02-12 16:03