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#1 : 09/02-12 17:04
Steve Buck
Steve Buck
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This is an informational post rather than a question. If you're trying to run a .bat file for command line automation, the .bat file needs to run from the BatchMethods directory where all the batch methods are stored.

The rest of this post is the story of how I figured that out.

After successfully creating a batch method within the AR program I was having difficulty running command line automation to execute the method. I kept getting the message "Method list not found". This was confusing because the .aren file was properly located in the BatchMethods directory.

On the server where AR is installed is a directory where I keep all my .bat files. Other programs installed on that server run .bat files from that one directory without error, and is the location of the .bat file trying to execute the batch method.

Thinking that the .bat file needs to be in the same directory as arenc, I moved it the Advanced Renamer program file, but got the same results.

However, when I moved the .bat file to the BatchMethods directory, then the .bat file ran successfully.

09/02-12 17:04
#2 : 09/02-12 22:53
erwin ruff
erwin ruff
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hehe, I had similar problems. but now everything works well.
The only thing that wont work on commandline is that <Substr:1:> in the "move" method on batch mode uses the old filename. but the AR program uses the renamed filename. i hope it will be fixed. ;)

09/02-12 22:53
#3 : 11/02-12 17:54
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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If Advanced Renamer cannot find the files you work with you can use full path names to avoid any ambiguity. Just remember to put quotes around the file names if the path contains spaces.

11/02-12 17:54
#4 : 15/02-12 03:36
erwin ruff
erwin ruff
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no, thats not the problem

orginalfile: qwertzqwertz.avi
renamedfile: text - 01x02 - textext.avi

<Substr:1:4> in AR = text
<Substr:1:4> in CMD = quer

and i dont know why ;)

I hope it will be fixed in a later version

15/02-12 03:36 - edited 28/02-12 00:12