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#1 : 26/02-12 21:45
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Your application is great. Saved me from days of terrible, manual job. I want to save some even more time, but I met some minor, I hope, problems.

I tried several commands, but I cant force the application to move the words to the position I want. I have a lot of directories I need to change the name. Directory name contains two words I want to have in opposite order. So the task is to rename folders from "first second" to "second first". I guess I should use option Move, but what about parameters?

26/02-12 21:45
#2 : 27/02-12 20:33
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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It's difficult to say without knowing the pattern of you file names and the pattern of the new preferred file names.

27/02-12 20:33
#3 : 27/02-12 20:36
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Its about directories with names and lastnames. I have a directory called "John Smith" and I want this directory to have a name "Smith John".

27/02-12 20:36 - edited 27/02-12 20:38
#4 : 28/02-12 00:11
erwin ruff
erwin ruff
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If there are only two2 words its very easy

just use the replace method

Text to replace: (.*) (.*)
Replace with: \2 \1

use regular expressions

but this only works if thereis only one firstname and one lastname
there is no "charakter" between the names? then its a lot harder to tell AR where the firstname stops and the lastname starts.

28/02-12 00:11
#5 : 28/02-12 19:32
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Thank you so much. AR became even more brilliant now.
BTW it works with 3 words string too. Changes John J Nance to Nance John J, which is ok for me.

28/02-12 19:32