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#1 : 27/02-12 15:45
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Today I finally demo'ed AdvRen & am glad I did.
I use the portable version.
I put the AR files in my MediaInfo folder,
where the latest MI.dll will always be.

AR has not been able to create an XP Explorer contextmenu entry.
When it tries, I receive a Run As popup.
Is that normal?

Is it possible to open files into an already open/running AR window?
or does AR not (yet) have a "single instance" setting?
I created my own XP contextmenu commandline(s),
but AR always opens a new window.
Maybe there is some special syntax to use,
so AR will open files/folders
into an already open/running AR window?

In additon to the abouve it would be nice if ..
... one could sort by the New Filename column;
... the Settings menu item had a hotkey (&Settings);
... the Start Batch menu item had a hotkey (Start &Batch);
... in general there were more hotkeys for items
that now can only be executed with a mouse click;

What about a "rename to full path" option?

Any helpful replies/insights appreciated.
Thank you!

27/02-12 15:45
#2 : 27/02-12 20:27
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
I am glad you have found AR useful.

You don't way which version of Windows you are running. The context menu feature only works on 32 bit Windows. It won't take long before all instances of Windows is 64 bit, rendering this feature useless.

If you create a command line based context menu your self, it will open in a new instance every time.

The best solution is to drag and drop files and folder onto Advanced Renamer. That is what I think is the easiest way to add files.

There is a reason why you can't sort the New Name column. Sorting this column can affect the new names. It is only possible to sort columns containing static content.

You are right about Advanced Renamer missing some hotkeys. You can use the F9 key to start the batch. I don't think this key is mentioned in the documentation.

27/02-12 20:27
#3 : 28/02-12 00:00
erwin ruff
erwin ruff
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Reply to #2:
The only way to add multiple files in commandline, you have to bulid a batchfile to add all selected files to a <items file> an then run the fitems file in commandline. ndline
or use the complete folder to rename the content.

I've build my own context menü for win7 x64 and it works very well :)

28/02-12 00:00 - edited 28/02-12 00:02