Overwrite Files?

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#1 : 16/03-12 22:39
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I'd like to overwrite existing files when renaming.
IE if I have
fileAnew.txt and I tell AR to rename it to fileA.txt and that action would cause it to overwrite and existing file, I'd like the option to allow that to happen.
It doesn't look like AR has that option, but I figured I'd ask, also make a feature request if it isn't there.
I'm dealing with hundreds of rendered files, and if I've renamed them and then rerender just a few, they end up in the same dir as the originals and I then need to rename the new ones. To delete them manually would take a long time...

16/03-12 22:39
#2 : 22/03-12 20:06
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
It is a very important feature for me that every rename action can be reverted and when overwriting existing files the action will no longer be revertable. If one person is not very careful this can end very badly.

If possible I will instead recommend renaming or copying the files in a temporary folder and afterwards copy the files to the correct folder in Windows Explorer.

22/03-12 20:06