Ability to select files via method.

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#1 : 17/03-12 15:34
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it would be nice to have the ability to files with a method. Once this done are following methods would apply to the selected files.


17/03-12 15:34
#2 : 22/03-12 20:08
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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I am sorry, I don't understand your request.

22/03-12 20:08
#3 : 07/05-12 23:01
Daniel J Greenfield
Daniel J Greenfield
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I think he means the ability to use a filter to select certain files from the list of files added.
This is the same request I would add to enhance was looks like a great little program. (I have just downloaded it so haven't tried it much but it seems to have a nice mix of the ability to use regular expression as well as the more user friendly tags and other options)
"Batch File Rename" & "Bulk Rename Utility" both have some filter options similar to what I (and I think the original poster) would love to see. But your filter could be even better if it supported regular expressions and "negative filters" f.x. something like ^- to keep/select only files that do not have a "-" in them.

Under alle omstændigheder, super at du laver sådan et program her og lægger det ud! Det er den slags der gør internettet fedt.

07/05-12 23:01
#4 : 27/05-12 17:55
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Indeed, maybe one day it will be implemented. There might a box where users enter a string on which basis files are filtered, then those files can be processed.
As long as the filter is active, only those files shd be processed.

e.g. files contain xyz, users filter on xyz
and then add text, change case whatever.

Keep up the good work!

27/05-12 17:55
#5 : 30/03-13 16:19
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maybe solvable with a script method? as first this script method de-|activates all entries which are (not) be wanted to be processed. herefor the script has to be able to set the checkbox value.



30/03-13 16:19