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#1 : 22/10-08 08:18
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would be nice to have an option that could move a certain piece of the filename
Ussume a filename like:
001_bladibla.txt and rename it into bladibla_001.txt
Step 1:
( I move the 4th character just before the suffix)
Result: 001bladibla_.txt
Step 2:
( I move the first 3 character just before the suffix)
Result: bladibla_001.txt

22/10-08 08:18
#2 : 22/10-08 13:23
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
Such a method is in the making. It will not be in the next release of Advanced Renamer, but the release just after. I hope the next version will be released within a week.
That release contains mostly small things but they a pretty important to some users.

22/10-08 13:23 - edited 22/10-08 13:27