Support for .jps and .mpo exif data.

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#1 : 02/04-12 17:12
John Clement
John Clement
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This is a very easy request as both look like .jpg images. The .jps is just a jpg with a different extension to alert the system to the fact that it is 3D. All of the exif info is the same. MPO however has one small difference from a normal jpg. It has more than one jpg separated by nulls. But the exif info looks the same. The only hazard with mpo is that you may not change the exif or any other internal data unless you copy call images to the new file. So any internal changes need to be handled correctly or locked out.

It is possible to make scripts to coerce Win into handling them correctly. MPO now seems to be the budding standard for 3D devices such as most 3D cell phones and some cameras, but JPS is still being used.

02/04-12 17:12
#2 : 09/04-12 21:19
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
I have put it on my todo list, but doesn't have very high priority compared to some of the other stuff I have on the list. Will it work if you rename a jps file to jpg or will the program need to handle the files in a different way? Since Advanced Renamer doesn't change Exif information there should be no problem in this area.

09/04-12 21:19