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#1 : 08/04-12 08:49
tim keenan
tim keenan
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I want to join together two (or more) folders containing files that form one work. For example in a 2cd set all the tracks may be part of the same work; cd1 nos will run 01-20, say, but CD2 nos. will also start again from 01; how can I change all the files from cd2 to run sequentially starting from 21?
I would appreciate any help with this really hard to figure software.

Many thanks,


08/04-12 08:49
#2 : 09/04-12 21:57
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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If you are only renaming this one work and not other cds at the same time you can add the files and order them correctly and then use the IncNr tag give them new track numbers in the file name.

09/04-12 21:57
#3 : 23/04-12 09:21
tim keenan
tim keenan
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Thank you for the advice. Actually it's a continual problem with classical music which is often one work spread over as many as five cds. I have multiple box sets like this.

Are you suggesting I just use the software to generate new track numbers, in addition to the numbers the tracks already have?


23/04-12 09:21