How can i get image's creation date from filename?

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#1 : 12/04-19 20:48
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I have a lot of image file like names IMG_20170912_133228_602.jpg. But this image file's creation date has wrong. Its showing same date for all images in folder.

The filename are giving correct EXIF date 12/09/2017 13:32:28. (i think 602 just an ID and not important)

How can i read correct create date from filename then write image's creation date into exif. ?
(as DD/MM/YYYY and time)

Thank you

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#2 : 12/04-19 21:33
David Lee
David Lee
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The answer should be obvious if you read the User Guide:

However ...

Timestamp method
Apply to: Created date and time
From: Filename pattern
Pattern: <Year><Month><Day>_<Hour><Min><Sec>

I didn't have a clue either until I read the entry in the User Guide - and then it took all of a couple of minutes to sort out!

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#3 : 13/04-19 17:03
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Reply to #2:
Thats amazing! Worked again.
Thank you bro

13/04-19 17:03