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#1 : 26/04-12 06:06
Will Robinson
Will Robinson
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I was wondering whether there's a way to add folders for renaming, the same way we can add files; by directory, rather than having to add folders manually.

Right now, I can right-click in a folder and start ARen with the option of adding all files in that folder, yet I can't do this with all folders (in that folder), which leads to...

What is the purpose of the option 'Add root folders'? There can only be one root folder, and it seems unlikely anyone would need a batch renamer to edit one folder. Perhaps this could be modified to include all folders in the current folder instead, which would be much more useful IMHO.

Thanks for your time, and the program; which has been a massive time saver!

26/04-12 06:06
#2 : 26/04-12 06:48
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
The easiest way (imo) to add folders is to drag them from Windows Explorer onto Advanced Renamer. If you select, let's say 5, folders in explorer and drag them onto AR you will get an options window where you can choose between adding the files in the folders or the folders. By selecting the option "Add root folders" you will only add these 5 folders but if you choose "Add subfolders" you only add the subfolders of these 5 folders.

26/04-12 06:48
#3 : 26/04-12 07:18
Will Robinson
Will Robinson
Posts: 3
Ah, right. That makes perfect sense when you put it like that. It never occurred to me to multi-select, as I've never really had a reason to with folders other than when moving them.

When I couldn't get it to work, the program was doing exactly what I told it to. By right-clicking I'm indirectly selecting the containing folder and only getting the root of that folder, as opposed to selecting the contents of the folder and getting the roots of those I select...

Your way works perfectly Kim, thanks for your help, and the quick reply!

26/04-12 07:18