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#1 : 31/01-10 11:45
Jerry Mitchell
Jerry Mitchell
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Thumbnail mode doesn't seem to work correctly for me, or at least not easily. Specifically, it just shows the same icon as regular mode, slightly larger and centered in a white box of the size that I specified for thumbnails. I did manage to get them to display, but it involves changing how that type of file is opened from my image viewing program to "windows image viewer," and then choosing "view>extra large icons" from the right click menu of the add file dialog. After opening a file that way, it shows a normal thumbnail like it should, and I can add more files using list view which will also show thumbnails.. but if I don't open the first one from "large icon" view, then changing which program opens the file simply changes which program's icon is displayed in the center of the blank thumbnail. This is in Windows 7, so it might be a future-compatibility issue, but it is definitely not because I'm using pre-XP software.

No need to apologize if it takes months or longer to say anything about this; I'm happy to have such an awesome program free.. thumbnails would just make it even sweeter.

31/01-10 11:45
#2 : 31/01-10 15:05
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Thumbnail mode is buggy, I know. It's got various problems, but I haven't heard about the program you describe. I am not sure if I will do anything about thumbnail mode in the current build. I am working on a Advanced Renamer 3 in pararellel, where thumbnail mode does works as it should. But in that version there are other things that don't work.

31/01-10 15:05