How do I batch edit the Author name ofthe .Jpg files

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#1 : 03/06-12 04:08
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I have have 3000+ jpg files (photos) in a folder and I wan to add author name to each of the files in a batch mode. Is there a way to add it? Looking at the user guide there seems to be a way, but couldn't figure out how to do this in tool..

I'm using windows 7

Appreciate your help.


03/06-12 04:08
#2 : 04/06-12 21:19
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Do you want to add author name to the meta data of the file or do you want to add author name from the meta data to the filename?

If you want to add it to the filename and the file have correct author names embedded you can use the New Name method and use a pattern similar to this:
<Name> - <Img Author>

More information her: d_newname
and here image

04/06-12 21:19