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#1 : 13/06-12 00:32
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I'd like to make a request to return a specific ability no longer in your latest versions.

In version 2.74 I was able to see exactly what each rename command was and could find the one I needed to add, remove, promote, etc. but since, I'm guessing, 3.x this has been removed and replaced with 'Replace' or 'Remove' and so on. Why? I use a multitude of rename conditions in a single preset and now I can't find anything when something goes wrong or when I need to make amendments. Please return this feature. As a result I am forced to stay with the 2.74 ver. and cannot use any of the newer versions. Also, when will a x64 version be out so we can have context menu commands? I'd love to be able to select several files and context menu them into the program instead of the current 1. open program 2. select files 3. drag into program. :)

Thank you for listening. I hope you'll oblige.

13/06-12 00:32
#2 : 13/06-12 08:13
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
In 2.x versions, the title of the methods were a description of what the method did. If was sometimes difficult to update these descriptions when new features were added, and it was also a challenge for translators to make this work in other languages than English. Instead you can right click the title of the method and click Change Description. This will allow you to set your own custom description. Not as fancy as auto generated descriptions, but still a good compromise.
I am not sure I will supply a 64bit version of AR. Many of the depended libraries might not work in a 64bit build.

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