Fehler 118 Schema nicht gefunden

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#1 : 14/06-12 12:29
Udo Wegner
Udo Wegner
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I'm using the german version of your tool and I'm glad that I found it because it should be able to run my tasks. My problem is that although the new file name that is created using my method is correct the rename doesn't take place because the above mentioned error occurs. Unfortunately I didn't find an explanation of this error code on your website (actually there is no register of error codes at all ...). Could you pls explain what is meant by "Schema" (scheme?!?)? Is this a special entry in the settings?
Thanks inadvance!

14/06-12 12:29
#2 : 15/06-12 08:09
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
This error occurs when using the Timestamp method with a filename pattern which is not found in the filename. Since you mention the rename doesn't start, I think you might mistakenly have a Timestamp method in your method list.

15/06-12 08:09