MediaInfo.dll bug

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#1 : 30/06-12 12:32
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There is a problem with the MediaInfo.dll that you offer, as I remember it appeared with Version 3.20 and it makes renaming video files (mkv) impossible (error 101).

It works when using the default MediaInfo.dll from ndows .

30/06-12 12:32
#2 : 01/07-12 20:46
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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I can confirm that the next release of Advanced Renamer will include a newer version of MediaInfo.dll. The one bundled with the current version of AR is pretty old. The reason for using the old version is that it is both faster and more stable. But because the old version is rather incompatible with many newer encoders I will bundle the new version in the upcoming 3.5 final release.

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