the "l' Albanie" for example

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Dominique JOLY
Dominique JOLY
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I'm french and our language, we used to write [l' ; d' ;m"; etc. ], of which letters are elided: the vowel was replaced by an apostrophe. The [t] can be followed by a common name. This does not pose too many problems. The letter elided can also be followed by a name propre.Ceci poses no problem. But it is the mixture of the two uses that can not easily put into grammatical rule. An example: The man was from Ireland and wanted to take a flight to Austria.

Do you have a skill, tip, even a small idea for a solution.
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04/07-12 08:59
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Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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I am not sure what you want the software to do. Can you give an example of a filename you want renamed and the resulting name?

When performing batch renaming it is important to be able to write a good rule with no exceptions. Linguistic grammar usually have a lot of rules and also a lot of exceptions to the rules. In the final release of Advanced Renamer 3.5 I will include more advanced scripting functionality making it possible to write more complex rule and also take the exceptions into account. This feature is not released yet and will require more skills to use.

04/07-12 22:28